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Kimberley Jim

1963:  Jim Reeves’ first and only feature film (Reeve's sadly passed in an aeroplane crash before the film's premiere) is a musical comedy about two good natured conmen who descend on Kimberley during the diamond rush. Reeves extends himself so far as to partially sing in Afrikaans at one point

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1964:  The chilling story of a father whose daughter is slaughtered in a ritual murder and his pursuit of the killer. Based loosely on Uys’ 1950’s short “The Fox Has Four Eyes”.

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All the Way to Paris

1965:  Bob Courtney and Jamie Uys were part of the Golden Age of South African film comedy. In this send-up of the absurdities of international relations, they play the American and Russian delegates to a UN conference in Athens on international standards. When the two become mired in insoluble

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1965:  Debbie falls pregnant by medical student Paul but his family rules out any possibility of him marrying the love of his life, which her farmer father wants. Instead, Debbie puts up their baby daughter for adoption and Paul goes overseas to further his studies. When Paul returns to assume

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