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Hans & Die Rooinek (aka Sidney & The Boer)

1960:  This early Jamie Uys comedy examines the 'war' between two South Africans, one English, one Afrikaans. The chief battle is over which official Language of the time should take prominence: English or Afrikaans. Hans and Sydney are on a bus tour to the Cape. Hans is Afrikaans; Sydney is En

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Doodkry is Min

1961:  A cultural film concerning the evolution of the Afrikaans-language, made at the behest of the Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurverenigings. The open air premiere was attended by a vast crowd of some 50 000 people. Uys received the coveted Besembostoekenning. 

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The Hellions

1961:  THE HELLIONS tells the story of a gangster and his sons who lay siege to a town in the 1800s. Transvaal and Sam Hargis, the policeman who goes up against them, ultimately brings them down with the help of the at first, timid townsfolk.

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Voor Sononder

1962:  Inspired by the Western genre, this cowboy-type tale unfolds on the Transvaal Highveld shortly after the Anglo-Boer War in 1902. A Boer hero back from the front is drawn into small-town politics when he sides with a young farmer who has made an enemy of the town’s most powerful man. 

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Lord Oom Piet (aka Lord Uncle Pete)

1962:  Staunch Afrikaner and Nationalist Party supporter Oom Piet Kromhout of Kransberg is standing for election against his neighbour, Sir David, who represents the United Party. The two farmers bicker about politics, unaware their teenage children have fallen in love. One day Oom Piet gets sh

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