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Geld Soos Bossies

1955:  Two dirt poor brothers are desperate to make a quick fortune. They devise a scheme using chainmail…

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Paul Kruger

1955:  It is 1899 and the Anglo-Boer War is raging. British soldiers are implementing a scorched-earth policy, burning all Boer farmsteads and crops to the ground. Against this backdrop unfolds the biography of Paul Krüger, formidable Boer leader and president of the Transvaal Republic.

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Die Bosvelder

1958:  Widescreen remake of Uys’ first feature “Daar Doer in die Bosveld”. Somewhere in the bushveld, Hans Botha is doing the usual farm rounds when his friend and neighbour comes around with an urgent request: please collect the new teacher at the bus stop. The shy Hans is al

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Rip van Wyk

1959:  Jamie on comedy:  “It’s just slapstick comedy, with no message. I’ve been making comedies most of my life, and I’ve never put a message in – it’s bad for business. It’s arrogant to put messages in. You rob your audiences of putting in their

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1959:  When Portuguese marine scientists discover that large chunks of coral have gone missing off the Mozambican coast, they call in a rich playboy and an expert in coral, played by Ponie de Wet. He jets off to Inhaca Island with his dog-loving assistant Gamtas, where he meets an English girl

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