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The Gods Must Be Crazy II

The Gods Must be Crazy® is a Trademark owned by Ace Films CorporationInteresting facts:Founded in 1905, the magazine Variety is the daily gospel of the USA's entertainment industry. In 1992 it published Variety: Comedy Movies, which represented an encyclopedia of the best of more that 300 comedies s

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The following are films included as a courtesy

As a courtesy to the directors and producers we have worked with over the years, our archive includes many of their works in addition to those they produced for Mimosa Films. Please visit the Directors and Producers page for biographical information and life’s works. In an effort to keep

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Daar Doer in die Bosveld

1951:  A classic South African comedy in which a young Jamie Uys plays producer, writer, director and star, and his wife Hettie Uys the romantic interest. Somewhere in the bushveld, Hans Botha is doing the usual farm rounds when his friend and neighbour comes around with an urgent request: plea

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Vyftig / Fifty (aks Vyftig / Vyftig or 50/50)

1952:  Two men, one English and one Afrikaans, apply for bus tickets with the intention of going on a trip and to spend that trip not relaxing but getting in each other’s faces. The two bicker and quarrel throughout the trip until a fellow passenger challenges them to walk all the way hom

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Daar Doer in die Stad

1954:  An early South African comedy in which a young Jamie Uys reprises his roles from "Daar Doer in die Bosveld", playing producer, writer, director and star. Uys is Hans Botha, a farmer married to the ex-teacher Martie (played by Hettie Uys, Jamie’s wife). Tragically, Martie

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