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Beloftes van More

1981:  The CONSTANTIA FILMS movie BELOFTES VAN MÔRE (Tomorrow’s promises) was produced by Bill Troskie in 1981, with Daan Retief as director and scriptwriter. "Beloftes van Môre" is based on a story by Empie Maritz and takes place in a hospital. For years, Nursing Inspector Ella Rossouw (Magda

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APRIL 1980

1981:  She was innocent but perfect for their schemes. As a spy, he was in the ideal position on campus. As an activist, everybody had to kneel before his warped ideals…

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The Riverman

1983:  THE RIVERMAN tells the powerful and captivating story of the one man’s obsession to exploit a uranium-rich stretch of African land to bolster company profits, opposed to another’s genuine concern for ecological conservation. Caught in the middle of this struggle is a beautiful woman who

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Funny People II

1983:  The most hilarious 'happening to hit the South African cinema screen is about to be released' … The ever watchful eye of Jamie Uys is twinkling again … and if you thought FUNNY PEOPLE was comedy at its best, wait until you see FUNNY PEOPLE II! The man who focused his candid camera on the

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Back To Freedom

1986:  Ivan Hall’s action-filled tale of three adventurers who are caught up in a tropical wilderness amidst a civil war. The three – a scientist Dr Paul Flemming, the no-nonsense Janet Henderson and master conman Sammy Samson – cannot stand one another, however, circumstances force them to wor

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