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1978:  The CONSTANTIA FILMS movie SONJA is a romantic drama produced in 1971 by Bill Troskie, with Daan Retief as director and scriptwriter. It tells the story of Sonja’s (played by Petru Wessels) husband, Chris (Hans Strydom), who is obsessed with having children to carry the proud De La Rey f

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Grensbasis 13

1979:  A fictional police base on the border between Angola and the former South West Africa. While patrolling, a mail convoy is ambushed and most of the soldiers are shot. The captain (Danie Joubert) is rescued, but one of his constables (Tommie Erasmus) is taken prisoner. Die constable’s sist

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Night Of The Puppets

1979:  A train from the city of San Diaz steams across the monotonous desert landscape towards Angra Pequena, a village on the barren coast. On board the train is Charly, a young carefree pick-pocket, bumming a ride. Unaware of what fate has in store for him, Charly makes lighthearted fun of hi

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Kiepie en Kandas

1980:  After many years, Kandas (Ryno Hattingh), literally runs into his primary school sweetheart, Kiepie (Debbie Labuschagne), on the university campus. Immediately, the spark between them is back! However, Kiepie is engaged to a bright young lawyer (Mieder Olivier), who drags Kandas to court

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The Gods Must be Crazy

The Gods Must be Crazy® is a Trademark owned by Ace Films Corporation 1980: Interesting fact: Uys and his handful of crew members drove about 50 000 km in 4x4s to film The Gods Must Be Crazy. Synopsis: The peaceful co-existence of a small Bushman community is destroyed when a

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