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1972:  CONSTANTIA FILMS’ SALOMIEN was produced by Bill Troskie in 1972, with Daan Retief as director. The film is based on Elsabe Steenberg’s original story “Rondomtalie” (Roundabout), which was published in the magazine “Sarie Marais”. Elsabe also wrote the film script. Salomien (played by Pet

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Jamie 21

1973:  The best of the best! Daan Retief was commissioned by Boet Troskie to commemorate Jamie Uys’ twenty one years in the film industry. The tribute-compilation contains twenty five fragments from Uys films up till that point. From "Daar Doer in die Bosveld" to "Lord Uncl

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Beautiful People (aka Animals are Beautiful People)

1974:  Jamie Uys spent over a year filming BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in the Kalahari Desert, emerging with enough footage for at least five full length motion pictures. "Beautiful People" is a wildlife documentary filmed against the scenic beauty of Southern Africa including the Kalahari, Namibia, Zimba

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1975:  SOEKIE is based on Santie Grosskopf’s popular story “Die hele dorp weet” (The entire town knows), which was first filmed by CARFO in 1961. It is a family drama which focuses on the destructive effect of an impending divorce on family life. Erna van den Bergh is Soekie, with Petru Wessels

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Die Rebel / Sending vir 'n Voortvlugtige

1976:  CONSTANTIA FILMS’ DIE REBEL (The Rebel) was produced by Bill Troskie in 1976, with Daan Retief as director and scriptwriter. "Die Rebel" is the film adaptation of Cor Nortjé’s thriller “Sending vir ‘n Voortvlugtige” (Mission for a Fugitive), which was broadcasted twice by the South Afric

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