1978:  The CONSTANTIA FILMS movie SONJA is a romantic drama produced in 1971 by Bill Troskie, with Daan Retief as director and scriptwriter. It tells the story of Sonja’s (played by Petru Wessels) husband, Chris (Hans Strydom), who is obsessed with having children to carry the proud De La Rey family name. His wife realises that, due to circumstances, Chris will not be able to father a child. To solve the dilemma, she gets pregnant through a friend, Martin (Will Roberts). Sonja’s best friend, Nicolente (Elma Potgieter), a paraplegic who is in love with Chris, uncovers the secret. She threatens to tell Chris that the child is not his – unless Sonja asks for a divorce and leaves Chris.

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Cast: Petru Wessels, Hans Strydom, Will Roberts , Elma Potgieter, Zack du Plessis, Gert van Tonder, Cobus Robinson
Director: Daan Retief
Genre: Drama
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 80 min
Producer: Constantia Films, Bill Troskie
Year: 1978
Copyright: © Constantia Films

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