1977:  An English teacher (Janet du Plessis) accepts the invitation of a local headmaster (Hal Orlandini) to come and teach at a school at a rural town called Mooimeisiesfontein. However, there’s a twist in the tale when the new teacher meets the headmaster’s son (Will Roberts) on the train en route to the town. The rugged farmer immediately falls head over heels in love with her and decides to go back to school to complete his final school year... and to be close to the new English teacher! This leads to numerous run-ins between father and son – with hilarious consequences.

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Cast: Janet du Plessis, Hal Orlandini, Will Roberts, Danie Smuts, Volente Bertotti
Director: Elmo de Witt
Genre: Comedy
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 89 min
Producer: Elmo de Witt
Year: 1977
Copyright: © Elmo de Witt – Mimosa Films

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