Kom tot Rus

1977:  KOM TOT RUS (Settle Down) is based on a popular radio series by Pieter Pieterse and tells the story of the Botha family. Having had enough of big city life, they decide to relocate to the Bosveld. For Marius Botha (Cornelis Esterhuyse) the farm Kom tot Rus is the perfect place. Marius swops his Mercedes Benz for a pick-up truck and he moves with his family to the country for some peace and quiet... until the intrigues start to unfold. Cattle theft, a detective trying to catch poachers, a scheming young man, a bachelor and a seductive widow, as well as two calm senior citizens all play a role as the saga unfolds.

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Cast: Cornelis Esterhuyse, Tobie Cronjé, Don Leonard, Wena Naudé, Coreen Olivier, Willie van Rensburg, Isabel Pienaar, Erica Rogers, Anna Cloete
Director: Elmo de Witt
Genre: Comedy
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 94 min
Producer: Elmo de Witt
Year: 1977
Copyright: © Mimosa Films

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