Dingetjie en Idi

1977:  This hilarious comedy follows the journey of Daan and his brother, Dingetjie, who travel to Cape Town in search of Doctor McDonald to cure Dingetjie’s shy nature. They encounter a conman who introduces the duo to a phone clairvoyant who promises to heal Dingetjie spiritually. Ouma “Muti” miraculously cures him by means of a fake medallion. The medallion transforms Dingetjie into a powerful, wealthy businessman and owner of a detective agency.  The agency is assigned a special case.  The question is, will Dingetjie and his team complete the mission while everyone wants to get their hands on the medallion?

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Cast: Dawie Malan, Louw Verwey, Trix Pienaar, Mary Dreyer, Tobie Cronje, Nerina Ferreira
Director: Dirk de Villiers
Genre: Comedy
Language: English, Afrikaans
Running Time: 79 min
Producer: Dirk de Villiers (Aurora Films)
Year: 1977
Copyright: © Mimosa Films

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