Die Rebel / Sending vir 'n Voortvlugtige

1976:  CONSTANTIA FILMS’ DIE REBEL (The Rebel) was produced by Bill Troskie in 1976, with Daan Retief as director and scriptwriter. "Die Rebel" is the film adaptation of Cor Nortjé’s thriller “Sending vir ‘n Voortvlugtige” (Mission for a Fugitive), which was broadcasted twice by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. The rebel Fritz Dercksen (Will Roberts) is an unconventional character. When he is drafted into military service his attitude changes and he becomes a hero. The Army recognises his many talents and he is trained to gather military intelligence. However, due to circumstances beyond his control he is dishonourably discharged and sent to prison. There, Colonel Dreyer (Jan Bruijns) forces him to choose: he either accepts his mission or he stays in prison. 

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Cast: Will Roberts, Jan Bruijns, Richard Daneel, Tani de Lange, Wena Naude, Wilna Snyman
Director: Daan Retief
Genre: Drama
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 106 min
Producer: Constantia Films, Bill Troskie
Year: 1976
Copyright: © Constantia Films

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