1972:  CONSTANTIA FILMS’ SALOMIEN was produced by Bill Troskie in 1972, with Daan Retief as director. The film is based on Elsabe Steenberg’s original story “Rondomtalie” (Roundabout), which was published in the magazine “Sarie Marais”. Elsabe also wrote the film script. Salomien (played by Petru Wessels) is sent to prison for murdering her husband, Ernst (Don Lamprecht). She is suffering from amnesia, but the prison’s chaplain (Cobus Rossouw) believes she will be able to remember by writing down her fragmented memories. Thus the story of her husband’s murder unfolds.  

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Cast: Petru Wessels, Don Lamprecht, Cobus Rossouw, Wena Naudé , Wilna Snyman, Magda Beukes, Doreen Lamb, Johan Brewis, Eghard van der Hoven, Christine Stevens
Director: Daan Retief
Genre: Drama
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 80 min
Producer: Constantia Films, Bill Troskie
Year: 1972
Copyright: © Constantia Films

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