Breekpunt / Breakpoint

1971:  BREEKPUNT (Breakpoint) is set against the arid landscapes of the Northwestern Cape and Southern Namibia. The story revolves around an eternal love triangle. On her wedding day, Marie (Tani de Lange) is kidnapped by her manically jealous former fiancé (Cobus Rossouw). He threatens to shoot her and himself should she try to escape. Her current fiancé (Dawid Swart) realises that she has been kidnapped and sets out to rescue her. Tani de Lange was nominated for the "Gert van den Bergh" Award for her portrayal of Marie.

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Cast: Tani de Lange, Cobus Rossouw, Dawid Swart
Director: Daan Retief
Genre: Drama
Language: English and Afrikaans
Running Time: 77 min
Producer: Constantia Films
Year: 1971
Copyright: © Constantia Films