1965:  Debbie falls pregnant by medical student Paul but his family rules out any possibility of him marrying the love of his life, which her farmer father wants. Instead, Debbie puts up their baby daughter for adoption and Paul goes overseas to further his studies. When Paul returns to assume a senior post at one of the country’s leading medical institutions, he contacts Debbie but she declines his invitation to rekindle their friendship. However, they are drawn together again when their child is brought to Paul’s hospital for neurological examination after a fall and so this poignant drama unfolds.

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Cast: Susanne van Oudtshoorn, Gert van den Bergh, Leon le Roux
Director: Elmo de Witt
Genre: Drama
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 85 min
Producer: Jamie Uys, Elmo de Witt
Year: 1965
Copyright: © MNet

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