Die Wonderwêreld van Kammie Kamfer

1964:  Boet Troskie and Mimosa Films filmed their first film, DIE WONDERWÊRELD VAN KAMMIE KAMFER ("The Wonderful World of Kammie Kamfer"), in 1964. Kammie Kamfer works at a company that tests people for the theatre, radio and film industry. However, the poor man suffers from extreme hypochondria, and his pharmacist friend is only making matters worse. Kammie discovers that there is medication available that prevents you from getting ill should a… uh, sea lion bite you. Of course he has to take this – and it changes him in many ways. All of a sudden he is able to wrestle and gamble! The poor man sets about gambling himself into a hilarious crisis…

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Cast: Al Debbo, Brian O’Shaugnessy, June Neethling, Trudi Rossouw, Willie van Rensburg, Gert van den Bergh
Director: Al Debbo
Genre: Comedy
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 80 min
Producer: Mimosa Films
Year: 1964
Copyright: © Mimosa Films