The Gods Must Be Crazy® II

1989:  The gods must be crazy at times, but they also have a sense of humour.  Why else would they have allowed man to get so caught up in this technological achievements that he forgets how to survive in Nature? Xixo, the bushman, (played by Xao), has already come through one encounter with these 'technological' people – the 'heavies' – out beyond the edges of the magnificent Kalahari. This time, a game ranger, a New York lady lawyer, a Cuban and a Unita soldier, and two ivory poachers, get their tracks well and truly crossed in the heart of Xixo’s country, generating more laughs than a whole pack of hyenas!

Interesting facts:

Founded in 1905, the magazine Variety is the daily gospel of the USA's entertainment industry. In 1992 it published Variety: Comedy Movies, which represented an encyclopedia of the best of more that 300 comedies stretching 87 years. The list included pictures of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keyton, Mel Brooks, Blake Edwards, Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg... and Jamie Uys. 

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Cast: Xao, Hans Strydom, Lena Farugia, Pierre van Pletzen
Director: Jamie Uys
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Running Time: 93 min
Producer: Boet Troskie
Year: 1988
Copyright: © Elrina Investment Corporation

Cover Art