1975:  SOEKIE is based on Santie Grosskopf’s popular story “Die hele dorp weet” (The entire town knows), which was first filmed by CARFO in 1961. It is a family drama which focuses on the destructive effect of an impending divorce on family life. Erna van den Bergh is Soekie, with Petru Wessels as her mother and Dawid van der Walt as her father.  Tani de Lange and Danie Smuts play supporting roles. "Soekie" is a family story full of drama and sadness, but with a happy ending.

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Cast: Erna van den Bergh, Petru Wessels, Dawid van der Walt, Tani de Lange, Danie Smuts
Director: Daan Retief
Genre: Drama
Language: Afrikaans
Running Time: 79 min
Producer: Constantia Films
Year: 1975
Copyright: © Constantia Films

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