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The Gods Must be Crazy

The Gods Must be Crazy® is a Trademark owned by Ace Films Corporation 1980: Interesting fact: Uys and his handful of crew members d

The Gods Must Be Crazy II

The Gods Must be Crazy® is a Trademark owned by Ace Films Corporation Interesting facts: Founded in 1905, the magazine Variety is the da

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When the classics are the go-to for stay-at-home parents July 14, 2020
Mimosa Films has always entertained the family audience. There was Jamie’s slapstick comedy films and world-class documentary, Animals are Beautiful
The Mimosa Archive August 19, 2019
Our Facebook page has fast become the go-to site for questions about South Africa’s classic films. As a reminder to all our fans, information on Mimo
It’s the Crazy Trailer! August 30, 2018
The Gods Must be Crazy Trailer now available - right here. From the deep archive of the Mimosa movie factory, the trailer for the world’s most c